Yaneth & Mark

September 21, 2013  •  2 Comments

There couldn't have been a better way to end the summer than Yaneth's and Mark's country-themed wedding on the last day of summer.  Hay bales, cowboy boots, cowboy hats, country music, and even a mechanical bull!  I had the opportunity to work with Mark and Yaneth to document their big day and had I known it was going to be that much fun, I would have brought my own cowboy boots and cowboy hat.  Saturday, September 21st was an incredible day full of laughs, joy, fun, and most of all, love between two great people which  was being celebrated on this special day.  From the beginning, Mark and Yaneth were ready to make this a day to remember.  All smiles, all laughs, and a ton of willingness for doing ridiculous things in a wedding dress like laying on a hay bale or sitting on the ground.   In the end it was a day to remember for everyone who go to witness the union of this cowboy and his gal.  Below are some of the photos from this awesome day! Congratulations to Yaneth and Mark!


Tiara Lee(non-registered)
Congrats and I love you both!!! Thank you for having us and pictures are beautiful!!
monica ferreira de souza.(non-registered)
Nossa! Ache que as fotos do casamento ficaram perfeita,pois este e um estilo que muito me agrada, se um dia eu me casar e tiver condiçoes finaceiras sera nesse estilo que farei meus votos.Amei todas as fotos, voces ficaram maravilhosas, principalmente a noiva que ficou esplendida.
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