2013, What an incredible year..

January 24, 2014  •  3 Comments

I can't really find a way to express how thankful I am for the work I was able to do last year.  I basically re-wrote this blog about 10 times before realizing there really are no words.  So what I'll do is just move right into the images.  Here are a bunch of images from 2013 that make me remember how much I enjoyed working with these families and couples.  Please feel free to comment and share.

Thank you to each person that gave me the privilege of preserving these memories.

moses-cruz-photography-molly-pitcher-inn-redbank-weddingphotography-wedding-new-jersey-nja-5moses-cruz-photography-molly-pitcher-inn-redbank-weddingphotography-wedding-new-jersey-nja-5 moses-cruz-photography-molly-pitcher-inn-redbank-weddingphotography-wedding-new-jersey-nja-14moses-cruz-photography-molly-pitcher-inn-redbank-weddingphotography-wedding-new-jersey-nja-14 moses-cruz-photography-molly-pitcher-inn-redbank-weddingphotography-wedding-new-jersey-nj-26moses-cruz-photography-molly-pitcher-inn-redbank-weddingphotography-wedding-new-jersey-nj-26 moses cruz photography engagement wedding portrait couple photography new jersey nj 7moses cruz photography engagement wedding portrait couple photography new jersey nj 7 MCP_0111-Edit-2MCP_0111-Edit-2 MCP_0096MCP_0096 MCP_0012MCP_0012


Deirdre Ryan(non-registered)
These are all wonderful!
Rut Maldonado(non-registered)
Beautiful Job!
wow Moses these are beautiful...keep it up...your doing great
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