Joellie and Gabriel Westfield Engagement

April 16, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


I was absolutely honored, flattered, pleasantly surprised and over all thrilled when my good friend Gabriel, with whom I grew up attending my grandfather's church, asked me about photographing his wedding.  Gabriel is someone I admire for his passion for God and for young people.  If you know Gabriel, you know this about him.  And you'd also know about his incredible fiancé Joellie.  Though I haven't known Joellie nearly as long as Gabriel, I can see what an amazing person she is and how crazy Gabriel is about her.  He and she make such an incredible couple and getting to spend sometime with them in Westfield gave me a little glimpse into their amazing relationship.   Joellie really, really loves this Gabe character and if you happened to have seen his proposal, you know that "happy" is an understatement to her reaction when she realized the man of her dreams was asking to spend the rest of his life with her.  I feel incredibly honored to have the privilege of documenting their special day and I could not ask for a better couple to work with.   Here are a few images from Gabriel's and Joellie's engagement session.  Feel free to look through the images, and take a moment to congratulate this awesome couple on their recent engagement and their upcoming wedding!



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