Moses Cruz Photography | About

Hello! I'm Moses and I'm a photographer.

Simply put, I love photography and I love people. I love God. I love my wife. I love having a good time with friends and family. There are many things I love. Including love. And being able to capture and evoke emotion from behind a camera, freezing a moment between two people that they can look at and then give each other that cheesy "remember that?" look, well that's exactly what I love to do. I truly believe in the power of preserving a memory and I'm blessed to be able to do just that for some incredible people.

I'm an old-fashioned type of guy, I love all types of music but mostly classics, and I look way younger than I really am. I love meeting people and learning about things that I never knew from the perspective of others. And I love being around families and friend while they are celebrating some of their happiest moments.